About the Artist

Jami Tobey’s work reveals a fascination with the natural world where sweeping brush strokes and bold swaths of color create tension, expectation and emotions that quicken the heart. From bewitching trees to swirling clouds to mystical landscapes, the subjects of Jami’s paintings reflect a world that can be achingly beautiful, inspiring, contemplative, sometimes frightening, but always alive and breathing.

Born in 1974 in Oregon, Jami was destined to become an artist. At the age of five, Jami’s father, the prominent sculptor Gene Tobey, invited her into his studio and exposed her to a spectrum of styles, subjects and techniques, and encouraged her to follow her own path of artistic expression.

Jami was formally educated at Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado, where she sharpened her craft, mastered the use of composition, and injected intense colors and acrylic ink into her paintings to bring them to life with a stained-glass glow. By the time she was 14, she had sold her first piece at a Santa Fe art auction, and by the young age of 28, her work was featured in nationally acclaimed galleries.

A member of the prestigious La Jolla Art Association, Jami’s work is featured in some of the finest art galleries in the United States and commissioned for private collectors worldwide. She works out of her home studio in Murrieta, California.

“Borne of equal parts observation and imagination, the paintings of Jami Tobey reverberate — indeed, almost buzz — with the dynamic energy of the Western landscape. Sprawling vistas, billowing cloudscapes, far-flung farm houses, and trees as unique and memorable as old friends, all rendered in her own spirited blend of vivid color and charismatic line.”

Holly Myers

Art Critic, LA Times

“What sets Tobey apart is her playful and colorful palette reflecting her roots throughout the American west … More than contemporary pastiche, Jami Tobey creates painted tapestries of light, color and land.”

Leanne Goebel

Art Critic, International Association of Art Critics